New Gilt Bronze Finish

Everyone knows that the price of Gold tends to increase drastically, which is why the “Golden” finishes have become excessively more expensive and this has had a significant impact on the use of such due to the high costs involved in producing pieces with this type of finish.

To make up for this situation and as the “GOLDEN” type finishes are very popular in the Leather Goods, Footwear and Textile sectors, CREACIONES JOVIAR S.L. has added a new finish called “GILT BRONZE” to its already extensive range of electroplating Finishes, which gives the treated pieces a beautiful colour that is very similar to Gold, although it is applied by means of a controlled ternary alloy made up of Zinc, Copper and Tin.

Not only can pieces be finished off with a Gold colour with this, it is also a completely “NICKEL FREE” process, that is to say, it strictly complies with the international regulations that prohibit the use of Nickel in pieces used in these sectors.

What is the main advantage of the gold bronze finish?

This innovative finish has one very competitive advantage because it is much cheaper than producing a finish that uses Gold as the base metal.

We are convinced that this new finish is going to be a great success among our clients.

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