We specialize in the manufacture of technical parts in Zamak.
This has been our main activity for the last 60 years, and as we have continually increased and renewed our battery of injection machines throughout this time, we are today able to manufacture parts of up to 900 grams.
Joviar Quality

We Ensure Quality

The company’s management believes that it is crucial to follow a Quality Control system that gains the trust of all its customers. Everyone at the company, both the management and the entire workforce, are quite determined that this should be so, and we are all completely committed to obtaining quality products which meet all our customers’ expectations.
As the person ultimately responsible for the company, the CEO and indeed the entire team, is committed to the development and improvement of that System, accepting the responsibility of communicating to the organisation how important it is to determine and satisfy both the needs of our customers and the legal and regulatory requisites, and promoting the implementation of a process-based approach and risk-based thinking.

This Quality Policy establishes the correct framework with which to meet the quality objectives that are periodically set, getting the people in the organisation involved in achieving them and ensuring the availability of the necessary resources to that end.